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what can you find in my blog? At the moment quite nothing but it's going to change! Y'ou'll find articles about my journeys, scuba-diving or even architecture very soon! so, see you soon!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Me!!!!!! ( Just some infos about me)

Hey this is anne, welcome on my blog!
What can I say to present myself?
Ok, so, I'm an french student, 20 years and a day old today, (don't ask me how it is to be 20 years, i've heard this question a millon of times!)
I've just entered an engineer school after two years of hard work..
But let's just stop talking about school and classes!
So, who am I?
First of all I'm a parisian girl, and that's a big deal. To begin, I will present you my city in a few words..
Actually I could present you Saint Etienne because it's my new city, but Paris will always be my city in my heart.
So, why do we make so much noise about Paris?
Ok people are stressed and they can be agressive, of course the metro every day is annoying. Pollution, no trees, too many pigeons.. my city has some little defaults.
But did you see the sunrise from Montmartre on the first January?
Did you enjoy the sunny days in the "Parc du Luxembourg"?
Or did you eat a salad on the terrasse of a parisian café?
The month of June in Paris is pure happiness! ( When you have time to enjoy it of course)
Little streets, old cinemas, walks on the Seine's sides and shopping!
You're gona ask me why I left Paris.. That's a good question and i wonder!
No I wanted to change of environment and this school in Saint Etienne has been an oppotunity.
I think change is good and it was THE year to go away!
But I'll come back!

I'm a parisian girl but not only (I hope so).
I like art, painting, and architecture, ( I wanted to be an architect but I changed my mind because of the dificulties of the job).
Actually I discovered art some years ago with a class that I had, called "The History of the arts".
This class opened my mind, made me love art and paris.
So if you can, try!
But I'm not always in the museums!
I love many sports: tennis, swimming, and skiing ( it is one of my biggest pleasures in the year).
But above all, I love scuba-diving!
I tried when I was 14 and since I haven't be able to live without it!
During the holidays I take my mask, my palms you can't see me of the day.
Scuba-diving brought me to many countries: Tunisia, Aegypt, Martinique.. But I'll tell you about that story another time.
You'll also read my aventures in Iceland..
But for today, it is finished.
I don't know if you really have an idea of who I am after this reading, but I hope so!
Sea you soon.